Thursday, October 17, 2013

automatic writing 1

a cascading provisionality depends
will infective sphere deform the trading candelabra
bricoleur Loire Valley Ponge crasis nullity?
no nullity fauns the falls per se(x-see:

a paean to magic
is magic as well
as touring extends
to bathos
and the particle

do you think you feel,
or feel you think?

seevv or seem?
wisdom or vision?

Geometers grasped original thetoric
with tingling orators, or hands, those
provisional actuators which enabled proximal vectors
to be shown

groaracthetotho ena hanal
tors tors lingion

elgic ringex unsalley sisnu allsee
ulli casca eanmapar

ink you
eel you

lyu thi
ters ras pedo rigi heto

the Trysts of Pyresias
illkrasis omden ooniverds

Cogust Aumte
geri poriot
pars noetica


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