Tuesday, October 8, 2013


skeefoo skyfu!

skeefoo skyfu!

skeefoo skyfu!

skeefoo skyfu!

Sirens linger in the parking lot listening 
the hanging gardens have sprouted helice
turn and raise your heckles
like skrunxy epaulets of thumbs
massaging your shoulders 

then drive
drive the radiation wild
beat abyss monster 
could you make a grey alligator
kiss the cologne badge
sick steeples of plastic
beneath the harbinger
of your fluorescent teeth

blue pillows sewn together intricately 
a soft stair case
where the naked nacred bride comes down
festooned in logic
a tooth in the eye's worth

now scribbling on the lime green caterpillar 
you've burst its fragile body
gooey nibbed you drive
your green and gooey coronus

bark wheel!
this protracted longing
is short for the world.
Do you imagine them as scintillatlanteans,
their quivering blue sea lace phoaming
fyme und kantoads..
Pope Gina Lollobrigida
whose inflatable wing
is bugbear mandible. 

The Earth speaks for me.
Its understated violence is charming,
however, its body
The Earth speaks for me.

Chicken is Dragon.
Fool is Foo.

May language know its HAARP
in the fuel womb?
Does HAARPWOUND fuel foolscop?
Does Italian winter nude?
Italians are slightly annoying
in dragons.

I'll be a big grotesque german,
learning American french.
Some people find that
strange animal along the beach,
its heart like a chandilier,
its skull a map furred down
into a dark hole
Vulcan has been joined to Venus
in the mouth
of a silver ant.

you have no faith in me,
nor eye in you.

I often live amid these great malachite hands
drifting in silk
and transparent worm things..

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