Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Road's Moral is to pass through.

Being a free translation of sections 1-8 of the Tao Te Ching using Google, Wiktionary, and Divine Insight.

Road to Road, this very Avenue. A name that can be named so very nameable, nameless.
An unnamed beginning of heaven and earth; the famous mother of all things.
Gooey change has no desire to watch this wonder; but often we want to watch it go around.
This twoness should have a different name, one which sounds more mysterious.
O Occult, all wonderful door.

The world we know is America, the United States. Sri Lanka has been evil.
Known good is good to know, and Sri Lanka has been poor. Therefore,
with students, be at ease in complementary lengths compared to competing tilt,
pan and tone, as before, when hand in hand, the sagely inaction of matter is, the line,
a teaching without words; A forkedness endures all things in its raw seeming, or absense.
Do not rely on the dragon error of the Earth, our home. Our hand is but a husbandry,
and not the home itself...

A changeless poem, so people do not fight; for without your precious cargo,
people will not steal; and if this is not desirable, tell them your heart is not chaos.
It is the rule of the saints, who empty their hearts, their bellies, making weak chi,
strong in bone. Ignorance often makes people desire. Make a wise husbandry,
and dare to have taken inaction, the dead will not question you.

A road which is washed may be used for surplus. You and poetry are alike, and are
like all of the cases. Its sharp setback provides divergent solutions, and its light
becomes more visible in dust.  The hand of poetry is similar to a deposit.
I do not know who is who's son, but firstness reigns still, as Emperor.

Heartless world, it is to all reckoning a straw dog; and so too is the sage heartless
to the people as straw dogs. Between heaven and earth, a downy sack holds
a fluted key. Virtual and unyielding, its excess is unfolding.
To say the number of the poor, it is better to keep silent.

Series die, and that mystery is female. This mysterious female door
is the root of heaven and earth, as if the rain had been kept always in the ground.

Forever. The Dreams can grow so long and who knows its non-self, it could just be
longevity. A sage is the first body and the body outside of their bodies and the body exists.
I disagree with its selflessness, which gives it privacy.

Charity. Water benefits all things without struggle, and all of evil,  is so fewer
will clog the roads. This home of good land, with good deep heart, and good kernel,
articulate letters, are good governance itself, good energy, moving as a good thing.
Our Husbandry may not contend, there is no particular reason.

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