Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hygge Boson Seasons

the Hygge boson kalends faun
in these hog silenous dawns
and rainticlere

in witchery shall I glide
and my poems shall be 
ruins of keys
through which a window 
steps brightly
and dull
into meet

goodgum googdum mugdumg gurgmud gorgpung
orgopundi moogookundi
gorgopondit eye

there is a strong police state presence in this one

clothed only in mists we knew the normandy nights
and our campfire saw pyramids of shoes
and there was ormulu and ardor
and the swedish words
fjor snakes

first desire led
and then abstention
but i was in another dimension
i was surfing the flaming orange brain
of Heraclitus in Hell
and all my straitjackets
were of the finest linen

He has all he needs.
He has completed the formal diagram.
He is a Unit 7.
Recall the village trolls.

That donkey has a mustache, no?
Darling, I'm too rapt to see anything but colors..

beginning or ending
the high-looking place
can take you on further
a poetics of balconies

It looks like we was
may he was
saw he wa maze he wa
he ma ma wa wa saw 
maze he
who see
i see a donkey with a mustache

it would be nice if you could come up with some kind of rhythm story
purpose or arc

I know I will find the idol's palm gem.
I dreamed it.

some soul
some camphor
and in the ectoplasmic daylight
tome seas
the snap clickety pop puzzle tickling clock cloister'd
smoke and savory
ideal rubbing rubric
she hurt for wallaby

together they invented
the weaving bike
which piled up cloth
in a basket as you rode
but the dark immobile brothers
destroyed it
with their desire for

What do U get when you cross
a Harp with a Chicken Mustache?
Hans Arp playing a juice harp
riding a fat juicy chicken mustache?

Is that what you'er saying?
My noise feet can only dangle
so far down into the well of your ears.
your years have puckered the sweet spot
and made of its navel
a run to the sun
in hose.

I guess you want me to wear a glass tie
and weary the chimney with progress..

I'm looking right at you, and all you can do
is tell me what to do?
Mustache escalator balllooons!
giant balloon castles topping the moutains
glass escalators reaching them

go up
in a chair coccoon balcony
the whole earth is a vision place
that has gone deaf

I can forgive you for my loneliness
but never myself
I have a light mustache of eyes
along my balconies tonight

Just a hint.
He's been caught with his ectoplasmic antenna extended.
We describe the world in loosely interacting pixel grids of possible faortrontos
for if you diagonal up the stick-arm
its southern cross cusp
would face re-entry
into heavy chicken hair
wan lone feather of consciousness
aboard the train

as I scooped ever deeper into my bag of tricks
all i could find was half-melted knic knacs
made of soap mixed with watch parts
i would later come to sell them as 'Wrist Statues'
to have enough to buy a winter coat
from a mule with a mustache.

Here we go again.
The Gorgon is Kali you!

The long days by the sea had cleared my head,
and now it was empty.

As I sat there in nude contempt of everything dressed in absolute love of everything, I began to see a vision of a waterfall of grapvines cascading from two twin vertical chimneys
where birds frolic'd among the vines

so I wrote down a sentence of some portent.

which worked upon me
like a steel owl

I left my fang helmet all alone
on her balcony.

There's only one way to say this.

zaibatsus are growing

and Einstein
wears a mustache.

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