Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pacing Steps (Neos Oun)

every known or unknown dancer from lautrec appeared
in idiom ~* as it was heard by others, the line /// all disappeared from speech
leaving only the legs, the signature of the legs *~just dangling down
from a bright red and white speckled egg and signing up, or on
lucien muhlfeld, la fin d'un art, etc

the days of hearing the ascendance of others' sensuality seems somewhat over, or other,
I never arrived at any rate, never stepped out of the egg, the horns of my mask like tears
firmly rooted in the dual twin wombs of their custom ducts


shoe there

eschew there

a snake chewing its bolus
an angel modifying koan
for breething apparatus

kissing dust
cussing kohl

sachant nous élever
au-dessus de l'idéal objectif
des barberous de théatre

a story only half told
by the world of trithemius

knot critics
by feudal (futile)
mixtures of utterance~(

now it was wylie's turn,
and he would found gnothing(...)

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