Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fast Fanny's Dudley Do Right Wrong Song

I am the one true god,
and you are the one true ugly.

She was a baton-twirler,
and I was a cattle baron
trapped in a log cabin called
The Lusitania.

You'll have to pardon me
if I replace every mention of the term 'ideology'
'Menudo party'..

Once I was a serene green robot girl voyeur,
and you were the sacrificial victim
of your own animal presence, and
together we were
"Hot Chicken and Dirty Spittoon".

your tarry is granted,
and your spittoon
is radioactive.
pose for the camera green ghost,
a bonsai graveyard
surrounds a rusty fountain of youth.

There is scrod in the ledger,
and apple shoes for the statue.
Every symbolic order
is a belt buckle.

If it isn't fixed, it isn't broken.
One culture I met
branded their babies
on the forehead
with a tiny letter V,
and wove their houses out of string,
cuss up
to all the world's

Anatomy culls the snow-clock,
and cyclops hulls the cup.

skull kiss
exploding shovel.

A bush in the hand
is beautiful, but obviously
of little value.

You corrected your breeding,
but renounced all thought
before it even began.

You can tell that I'm
just another academy drummer.

I have decided not to rest in peace,
but I will sleep
upon a crimson pumice
my pubis
inflicting stars.

and so, its long and venerable veneration
of junk continued.
sacred junk.
profane junk.
and junked junk.

All my poetry is the oracular quotient of Junk DNA.

From Middle English junke (“old cable, rope”), probably from Old French jonc (“rush”), from Latin iuncus (“rush”)[1].

General Sigismond Fleud
of the Bonth Celler Cedar.

If you think of the World's people as words,
like traduttore and traditore, their relations
are like untranslatable jokes
in a language no one knows,
and all of it
completely unconscious.

The first name is Ialdabaoth,
the second is Saklas (“fool”),
and the third is Samael (Seducer, Destroyer).

And he is impious in his arrogance which is in him.
For he said, "I am God and there is no other God beside me,"
for he is ignorant of his strength,
the place from which he had come.

The 4st name
Jellybean Weirdo
with Electric Snake Fang \ and it
Fast Fanny's Dudley Do Right Wrong Song

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