Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Gagging on War Crow Jewelry Font, Post-Festus Michow

on to blerm
the wilting feud
let ling
let ling fugue
and foogooblurm
and goo foot

red and white
outlined in green and black
a yellow dot in a field lela wore
aurquamurine fer hiss foam
its mush room cap
a jellyfish to the lead

two hot dog eyebrows
over the nipples
more purple mountains
inside the chest
it's see through

and the transparent
salamander testicles say
'we've green hair glowing'
i see the jet stream beyond
in the pale blue sand

3 jade teeth
hanging pathetic
in the gills
what exorcyst was here
in this hottub of stickpeople?

an emerald coo
must've hung there by its forehead

for warmth in the invisible

hand up
the platter's gone

bellboy peach

and yellow gemskull

lavender pollen bulb eyes

and white jawbone

smeared indifference of surface as origin

no real syme

we see them
hanging the big word 'air'

in cursive
inside the saint louis arch

flaming lava crab vehicles sputtering

spying on screwing gadgets

behind the immense clown head

made of painted cairn stones

left from generations

of deformed stories

long polka-dotted bulls

half-motorcycle pope lions

octopus of hairy lightning

unearthing pastel candy ruins

grey dirt fluttering the eyelashes

and little magnetic colored stone ideograms

clinging as crow's feet jewelry

nagagrow<.<.<./and\. >.>.>worgagan

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