Friday, December 20, 2013

Filing Notes in Non Repeatable Animals

dESIRE IS A many splendor'd thing,
a sniff, a carrot, an exclamation, or pyramid of goon

but approach it cautiously, noting the wind,
for the wind may sing into the coals
of a long-extinguished fire,
or snuff it out

these green walls meander
to the emerald hoofbeats
with their filling
of sweet and noisy
their goo of bridges
and returns
their sticky hurricanes
of elastic urns

and who knows if every plant
or fairy tale rhyme
might reveal or conceal
the flow-chart
of a longed for destiny
even striated as it is
with doom and pearls
and aprons kissed by trembling braids

horror has never abhorred a vacuum
nor left its room misspent in youth
but for beauty
in its facile and supreme gleaming point
where harnesses grow
forever disappointing

i will not ask you again
but make this single question last
for all eternity
but in silence

so do not leave your shoes at the door
but remove your clothes
and burden
and join me now
in the fundamental poem
of television
our soft stuffed sutra
which beggs in reapplication

clap sing!
clap sing!
In sweet sleep we near
rejoy! sting!
mastaheads covered in stamps
all letter'd

I knew I passed this way,
for I had passed this same box
whose lide remained open,
though now it seemed
there was a fire
drifting cautious as a curlew
towards fine desire
(my footprint: you sign now within its tumbly shockthedral_)

Let it be, Harriet.
Let is be spaghetti
pouring from the mirrored collander
and down into the gargoyle's blowhole.
And I will fine you
One thin por que medallion..

beauty adores a vacuum
whose baskeyball
as a meadow lark
or lemon
or lemon grass
O my shoup stoon!

Perhaps Christmas
somehow became
if not unlike an abortion
somehow like one
but closer still it seemed
to that golden child of alchemy
riding out to sea
on a pale glass surfboard
of imagination's mercury

the retort of ages
the retort of ageless

if it weren't for good luck
I've have no good at all

something it spurted
lodged again in the yarn
but the women knew always
how to clean it
Camembert spread more thinly daily
camera camera
pangolin yeti ball

often a song will unlock its heart
or close the mouth forever
is it too much to ask
for prism keys
and illuminated canals
for them to glide in?

creation is an illness which I must not let spread

too bad he already learned to paint plein air
with violence
(our Amish bride of Austria)

there's a camel beneath my fingernail
wait no
It's a snail

King Mundus:
You don't computer me!
I computer you!

Thor Hyderdal
was married here
to a stone idol
home to a vengeful spirit.

Everyday the same thing.
When I look in the mirror, all I see
is the academy, the apocalypse,
or something.

Now old, she thought of English as a slipper,
a slipper which she wanted young men to wear.
Young men she liked to call
Senator Hello!


The Best song.

Hold it!
I think you've got a bad case of 
Alexander Diogenes Bell
at Sign Hope.

At the Cape of Good Hope
we restarted our telephone service.

Pack your Ermine!
and your EAR MINDS!

Once alone, I thought of nothing but
stardom; great and mighty gases
burning furiously through the ages.

And so here ends
my keychain.

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