Friday, February 15, 2013


Before Diogenes, or the Tautavel scratchers

when leaves like magic fed the sunset haur

and molecules mimicked only themselves

a sphinx foraging in a wan cell

finally took leave as Gia

a seed to shatter kingdoms

a kiss upon the crumble

a potato trickster

crying obviously

o whispering plum
o powdery summit
And you quit your mouth and throat thick eyes

in every cell
in every moment

its fresh debasing
and deep licked crimson lather

above the egg
whose boundary
languages no silence completely

the favorite example

in disguising all communions

there in the toss of castaway debates

its sign a fissure to the light's blind bud

a seeping, a stall, a fully random turning

as we transplant the old names

its sacrifice born in jaunty colors
between the ever-slackening waves

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