Tuesday, February 19, 2013


insipid now
but the centipede which crawls boldly from
beneath the leaf is that last night in a dream
poetry critiqued religion by the use of extreme
lingual beauty

involuting transparent
snail's- shell- like phrasis
bearing knotted smoke or smote
baring nano thimbled thorns
amoebas of blue milk playing pico flutes
etc. a whole catalogue
to reveal an ardor for hummingbird
rather than some dull allegiance
to cardboard henoisms

nature evanescent
its fundamental semiosis
the primal apotheosis
that 'divinity' a chemical potlatch
a 'final supper' at the hearts of suns
stochastamites and anthropoids

economy in metabolism
the liturgy
and bland wan weary being
to ring a bell
in the weird plain

bewildered in the cascade
insipid now

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