Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sagittarius Dwarf Irregular Galaxy

chop chop, with a big gulag in its mouth

thank you Heraclitus-lemonade 

a yellow spider creeps 
upon the pomegranate,
and the womb-huge bunion 
eases up and out 
of the fog darked jarden

it is not man which owns 
the final renunciation, 
the original, either

O glory the tympanum cracked!
The crysalis in the box, jargon

A more candid distance, the ridiculous subline

chiefly severe, and rigorous, this outside "in"

futurology's whinging (Turk-Stalin-Plexiglands)

I am the 
now daisy up..

The 19th century, a cunnilingus hookah salon

There's nothing more interesting than meeting others.

We both signed a non-competition clause.

007, What have I done to offend you?

Life inside the accordion

Channeling the once brilliant murderer butler~

a lull in the milling numbers

for nearly twenty thousand years, the gentle, solemn game continued

which helped me to produce a snapshot of the double's Count

You cannot be initiated any further

along the inner surfaces of the flute

I regret to informe you, Pierre..

The Czech Stradivarius'
Dwarf Sagittarius

Now, we enter Prog.

Containers of orange fleece. 

Diverse agents of archaic oology...

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