Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Towards a Conflection of Post-Rational Rationalities

and then, having restored the
black spherical monument in the heart
of the teeming city (sic)

singing in rural lanes to nowhere
in particu~ l'ars
to other teeming cities

to the wide empty circular cut in the forest
where the Ocarina bladder zeppelin resides

toy soteriology for
being trapped as a televsion
in the strangling delicious ferns
what's left, oh delirium,
and more social projects (joy) [sic]

never hindered
never hindered by the one
or the many
as in the debate between
the northern and southern schools

when sign became sign
sign was completed
Oh Sothiacal menstruation
of crisp pressed linens

Alexander trapped in a black sphere of mirrored ink
Edogawa NASA Rampo
seasons and dynasties
dark myths of dark skies
weird radio


yric eerip
ungressed and

This, the sign of the semiarchs
firefly your countenance
in its keer shad dul
sotship and leg kath
Oh Bitter Diogenes
art thou the sanguine babbling avatarmac
of this cult-stuck cult-in-a-barrel

a barrel lovingly carved
from the wood of the saouari

Luxiferum nuciferum
o savory tree

What is this oleaginous matter?
and what sail sapajou its tinkling
mild captivity
bubble in the mass (tic)
and innocent Astraea
combine all

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