Thursday, February 21, 2013


Paper cover, ivy laurel dusting roundtable up, in
William Carlos Williams' poem Paterson
Jess Franco the big head German Christopher Lee Inquisition,
buried under a church near a waterfall, iqat, iqat, quonset bologna.

Great swelling mammaries, the Revolutionary war,
tiny mechanical absolute phenomenon, WTF, same movie,
color optics, deep snob appeal of walking stick, whatever,
booby = mastadon pickelhaube.

Near a long french onion boy, the luminous buttock breasticle
is tricorne waterfoul, take spring please, its inside a dandy
3rd rate atmosphere of fear, go gunion fred super grip
make a penicil bleed. He haw, the big head boy
stalking an onion.

Make arrows. Make Goya. Cat feet tiddly winkling
at the sawmill. It guts wrench out swan Zeus camera
folded origami unicorn clown, a sworn affidavid, gore tidal
of textings wherever, universal puppet eye sembil gesootture.

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