Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Substitute Prose for Phoem (Phone)

We have no method for detecting 
the actual diffidence
between noise and data
(news or leisure)
in the mind of the unified poem
of the universe.
It is very like the knowledge
that the nurse who tends the patient
tends the doctor,
and that life's pyrite
is one with its golden label.

And it is still news in every desperate kiosk,
that the place of white noise
is the shadow of a branching shadow
such that the eye of branching
is cubed, so that looking down into the earth
is an art of scrying skies,
a scryptic of undeniable roundelures.
a phoem is prositive,
and postitute.

and Ariadne never knew
just what to do
with the left over bits
of the emptier tripod.

So let the thread be work of some kind
to pass the day,
and where the valleys flinch,
the mountains cringe,
for the line is known deeply by the ray
and collapses
into the egg of the meandering atomisms.

and who can pass under the limbo,
or over it, but limbs,
some say film is phlegm,
and the lung
borne unda the wave..

F: You must let the phoem slop over the pale!
F: The phoem is the universal face THATCHERIZED!

It wills a no-face
over which the face must hover lovingly
or complain,
this abstract domain,
aaah, what pubstitution..

Every phoem must have at least 51 prose tuitions
to inorder its interpretation, and the image of the embassy
of F is warm,
cold snow or cars,
diplomats, or trees.

What tease the telephone to praise,
but the legible rays of the proem,
and the institution of F.O.A.M.?

marinate within your ken.

and Hyde the grope its shoe..
Michaux was of course
a Modernist
raised on Ruysbroeck,
and the earnest hello?

Give it all you've gott ol' Psykopf!
wood is as good a halo as any..

and let the day begin with  flower:
Prostitute the poem for its F.O.A.M.!
the only good prose is our position's grotto.
(subtext mania for all motto)

so do not be alarmed!
for even if the inside of the labyrinth
is only just for storage,
make its wreck be strange, or
hide the fact
that both and neither
are married brother
and sister
to father and mother
not one another,
for as long as the both
shall not live.

and remember to give!
for where there's foam
there's a phone,
from which its smoke is spread
to the mirror of the desk.

Take its number as unique
will collapse all numbers..
Remember the screw-ball tragedy?
the grim comedy
lacking all error!

You might just say
that every new idea
is a kind of Noh play,
as scale is a ladder.

an unfixed interval of seeking,
but do not mistake ornaments
for their game..

punctuation never needs the cane
punctuation is triple agile
even if its code 
is broken..

fool's gold
never smelled so sweet
to those

the crotch craw
where the stuck thing
in its most gorgeous flower

always more
and more awake!

more noble!

more blessed!

arriving more glorious
on the page!


then hide
the exquisite

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