Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dirty Sox Bunkmates

nonoften bot mot cul
ridilucan nugs its jugs its juggy
musa musa havalavalectilever eftiaahktoe
bich miKAW
curled url cirklee round tits head
giving nonoften some sump rattles
to the quertliotes tompasa machula

rough velvet river letters dried and shard to touch
then passing in their grotine garbs before the switch halved humber
lumber tanks sloppy the skin wheat clamming gold up apple tin slippery head lice
child of tires and rodents in congenial jackson wharf flies fudging pink hanburger paper
penicle its pnesi the pencil gifted tongue its shay faw its fie shaylo and tongue up her
picture in the longing sock of its cast font daily skun
egg mad the murdering blue thug sky's camera weeviling lenstir
what tooth of transparent bone can trout the hissing wall's corner stoned
these loot bags in their lung heads lapping tits in the dust of moons
fine purple gryflail the tender music of its heely wite clontin cuttings
old gold roadio its thigh channel gloaty with dunes of shifty decisty
nonoften its egg burn go thrall into the navel botting breen chuck
but this heeer's the tank amethyst blanks bleet out
the ratattatt supplemidgetty underruddersuddershudderbladderladderbutter
friedeyeballeggsits gas cold moto mockey
dojo your mirrored acorn capes while arcing ray of rabbits finites its trailing dust
a screaming rabbit of dusts and blades and out comes your cape like a movies star
in black spaghetti tit weed acorn pencils futting querliotes and havagonava go
thumping lungs and rectum pebbles to the vitrine of its solar wig rockets
holy dancing lizards in coffee stained underwear piles i beat you down
with a dirty fish flush with ruby grapefruit folit
the ricketty karate kid you kicked its knee
iron butter indians for sale in gleetown's wooden buddha shoe
let them eat paper skeletons while nipples grow under the strings
see the goffy grune guitara quixote baloney
our collars touch inside groucho marx
we are onyx in the 18th century
cigarette confetti making its way up mount ever rest
encyclopedia gold lidded eyes in bookem dano yummo shadoon
only a single eye to this skeen and a blue glass salamander helmet
a giant pearl like a nipple on top
directing the greasty plurpli traffixers
dirty sox bunkmates sigh
no more made up wrods
take your adam where the crayfish hangs out the earth
like a worm from an african eyeball
pretend your holding a phone
but its a yellow bone
and the bits of meat clinging are clusters of
yapping dogs
like a symphony of cheap prints available
for your forboding grassroots genre boner theater

neptune balloon
creepy puppets preside over whistling rugrats
in coca cola
eating orange jam from faceted gem-like mirrored skulls
dirty sox bunkmates
for president

i can't get anymore gold outta the machine right now
the giant fell off the roc it was riding

hoods around the fake black mountain

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