Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hell's Wild Leather Fundum

ode adjoined
and busking in the universal busk
as the grasshopper gleaners must
atop foreskin hill in the winter
eating scraps of boyhood
better the aire in pilgrim's lungs
than to swing on enormous jade horns
the whores of wild witchery's genius
and listening deeply to the dusk
the setting must
itself have seen this

hunting and gathering
by manner and doctrine
known only to the busts
their melted angles minhir'd
in rust
and their tufa hands folded
and rough
what veristic experience do you relate
to the natural sphere
and every year to ear
immediately successive

that dappled doe
grown orange
by the bridge
wheat and bacon Sylvia
our cool quoth town a diary
lemon's brigade a lurching
thorns marking childish maps
on pomegranates
smooth and glossy as eyeballs
under pale amber hid in ageless snows

cumulous over baltic stick saviors
and butter
where long lisping hours in disgruntled candlelight
seem as seafoam covering pits
of slaughtered tapirs
in the shadow of green volcanoes

leaf shoes snoozing
to dragonfly
rush lines
self immediately differentiate
from self as self
flesh self
ache stolen by wild coca
in a rondure of pink chalk
stately the crumbling nascence
in iridescent obscurities

pilgrim of cool lemon
old banana tree grows now
toward the cetacean necropoli
pushed up as bindu
where the infinite roar
and moistens it not
but seeds it
tuning up
forever on deaf years
their fern fathers copying
rasaraga gagaloom

red bloodcells grown huge
like crimson jelly lenses
for sunglass

the hipster
steers the barrow
with a pelvis
dunked in murex
one eye swinging freely
as a plum-bob
white but with a spot


wish abyss to graft this
or to astony transgressions
whose tense auditions confirm
grace banausic
but effervescence kruntic
or cryptic as afgrundipa

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