Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bad Modern Painters Blog Article Rip-off

the spectacle burned my eyeballs out
leaving a hollowed blackened echo of being
just so I could take a walk on a cool
september morning with my dog
to consider

that 93% of all women
now desire role-playing
in the bedroom
according to 50 shades
of grey magazine

hot Ilsa She Wolf of the SS
beefy pink versions of
my little pony (chunky)

Fred Sanford
in menudo stained
ragamuffin cardigan decries
Sinead O'Connor let me rub yo bald head
with hallelujah here
"I'm comin' Elizabeth!"

we are the blue men
we are the blue women
art and percussion
disney chelsea
body paint ipod
blue lelo drumsticks whatevah

the spectacle burned out my dog's eyeballs
leaving a hollow blackened echo of being

woof woof

Sonny Bono U2 haplogroup
takes Cher for tumble
in pink submarine organelle
Let's be blind aquatic Ringo stars
cave beatles from atlantis records

"I'll be Andreas Slominski, you be
Metro-Pictures.." Woody Allen
bring out the robot swastika banana..

Huguenot lost in Sleestak ruins

we both play poor.old.tired.horse
trapped in gnostic skinbot prison
awaiting the horror of mortality to descend
with our eyeballs burned out
by the spectacle
and the cat just keeps running into the wall


*painting by Christopher Wool.

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