Monday, September 17, 2012

Climata caeli id est plagae vel partes prima pars unde aliquae stellae oriuntur.

Its feet stolen by a book as big as a bed...

The vacant bloom yet still gesture,
shoggoth to shoggoth, and cake
as pi, let red nudities take up locust's
bodies as stylized mouse heads,
as they surf umbrellaguitars on
waves of throbbing skin letters,
as Moses dictates a report on
primary REM music.

Artists will friskily fuss with tubal key fruits
from the stirrups of Cain's antediluviumobile,
but the Grecian virus Serper. O. Pythagoras
will discuss the inventive primordial malleordum,
qua the sonics of cordite extended into percussion
at the mountains of madness, re: canon.

REM Shoggoth, on the burning bush, mentioned
what is actually a branching headdress of chimes,
or microlithophones sprayed with long-chain hydrocarbons
and ignited (possibly by accident), while Ali lined
the Theban boughs with graceful amphibious musics,
frogs wishing to mate making a model lung, and an
admirable image of instrument sung, there the
burning tinkling, approached a swelling croaking.

What more can be said as Don Quixote' enters
a sad rebus? As a faltering ideal shadowed
by a slovenly Satchmo in  archaeopteryx pancho,
long chains of donkeys are the analects
confused Paulisms of weed-like hovering
windmill gourds dripping Shoggoths
like upside down ice cream cones, call,
their crunchy babyls bladed with the
arrows of a cross-eyed archer herm
cum axle.

What monster verbosity
infects this purple glue?

What sniggers from inside the sky-blue egg,
but the etymaellody cursed with luxurious
Proustian nipple paper lain with
particolored frog's eggs, eye oysters figged
sans shell, the sequence as ellipsis
festooning, as an abacus on the waters
sans grooming, for diadems line up
perfectly with numbers.

Shoggoth-sandal, your empty cockpit
remains, smelling of ham and convexum
quotiens cludit nox humida caelum,
a mule's academy emu'ing
the more dulcet zones
of the occluded oak of snits,
and zeppelin gnits gather into bulbous
helicoidal hairs and declare:

We've seen white rabbits with luminous
eye-curds of frost bite engulfed
in purplous obeisance, seized in seas
of obese jellyfish, and at least one,
fitted out with the furred hapto-pathetic
antenna of the faux pax rue mama.

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