Tuesday, September 4, 2012

spindle drench haunch and lo, stadia gengulphus

image the sleeping
a thing lady a thing
and Awohaka here

Tarui Awohaka
shaped like
like eels making mathematics
for hybridization

Putting together fact
one (as music) and they
would by pugs a road

between the walls
like of maids
and drifting bodies
of each confection go out

with peccary and a jug
and its Bermuda could almost say
it together see there are dynamics

In its burnt enter
our Rialto Nature is the volcano
of jobs lady lady i hear them and Akasaka
all trapped in primary computations

of summation methods used at Koyasu
and many robbers near the is now
tones between musical science

A and difference
into a workable Jamaica lady
lady my old gun used in lined chambers
caste of arithmetic/algebra here making music

large part his spear for putting a self
as you degree the well made a music and sound
these computations are go down into on horseback

and shoots on Alder-piles like the town
in the backdrop a leg we're in the study
its workable is a carriage explanation
is the tall grass relationship and making

come out from under a black hearth
and the many villages a subset of a form
of Awo-no-gahara onto such real quantities

real and perfumery lady
lady from in the carriage pulled
are known as in place hence it uses cavern
of night's established arithmetical no small

a quaternion-like math that's what
higher chords are and the development of music
like servants who pass quite another thing needed

alkermes soaks crying tuckered grows round the wax masks
and we Quaternions resemble to notes from the gnat each heart organ them
and the hale and vial pearl that is totally high such solid airs the forest is thick
our bee's this virtual sugar tricorne from inside born heels they give triangle 1716

the driftwood image
They attack crush our smiles
for the baggage in fact here so I

a picture shows lace
the dinner gamblers moving
take the clothing the rains.

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