Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Never Trust a Negro

The white man is tragic
in the jungle of bliss all today's
missiles miss
imagine that all the collapses
are a jungle fully inflated

teeming remains
the model
so that Peter sucks his own
at the Beyond Determination Ball
no dancers
only vectorlings hitching to extensors of temporary anchor points
in a maelstron (of) anchorling vector / lliana(s
aka H}inky negro

Remember the Ink Spots
The Roman Empire
The Dinosairs
When Corvairs came out
My whole Corvette turned out
to be covered in negro hair
from Old Barbary

fully tragic
white man africa
Africa is the Last White Man
lesbian aka
Corvette Ink Spot
teeming remains

It's a dirty secret
but it's a continuous modulation
life is an affect
like grammar
it's matter grammar
and every little negro in the universe
a matterprogrammatron

Every bubble bursting
IS the only bubble
The original sphere is Bruno's sphere
and the rest
is honky poontang dust
in a trilobyte's iphone hole

respect your elders
build your own goddamn treehouse in space
fat old tired horse = low astronaut grooming

earth is a female neggroe
the moon
her male companion

in felt flea knights

great snakes!
the chinese will gnaw your peckers off!

Jungle Einstein.
Jungle Pink Diary One Way Road Salamander

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