Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blue Cross (Be a Lover)

a bruise. (but)

Clark won. And the winning place,
with its own phantasmic surrounds
went soundly to head at the fall.
Under a yellow cross these damaged
lungs persist. Hitler complained
of his eyeballs burning like coals.

In my teens I sang a lovesong
named Chlorine.

Remove the story. Bruce Clark.
Coolidge Lacan Maclow
Genette Genet. Obey
is the modern post-modern
operational mode of the Avantines.

But here in the pre-modern halo,
with its birdsongs mapped on individual
grains of rice as they fly through the air
after the alchemical marriage, there
are still religions of the phantasmatic
phallus, its body bloated, distorted
to become a womb, its mind housed
in the empty air, both sacred
and vulgar beware, gene genie

Narratological determinism. Its eyes
burning like coals, the eyesockets
perform fellatio on ice cold brains
of black spaghetti, each the tine
of a tuning fork meant to signify
the signal event, the organ and
the bender of mint, let no thyme
be waisted, for these things are not
groan in a vacuum, but the due course,
no life cannot be specifically called
a delirium.

From Zyklon to Krylon to
Psytron, the particles become so
ever mysterious, but who represents
the future of pure unfettered consciousness,
and what is the path to its birth?

Rough beast will slouch, and chaos calls its
name, the game is a foot, and the leg it connects
to the body of semiology, is a dark leg,
phantasmic narratology, and also,
a non-linear manifold, use for example
a simple phrase:

There's what they do, and what they say;
Sado-Mass of Schism. Postmodernism
is the State of Mass Schism, or Schitzomass

               # File lib/stateology.rb, line 166
def state(*state_args, &block)

    # behave as getter
    if state_args.empty? then
        return __state_getter

    new_state = __validate_state_name(state_args.first)

    __state_transition(new_state, state_args, &block)

    # return value is the current state

rescue NameError
    raise NameError, "#{new_state} not a valid state"


Event states as virtual desiring machines, becoming-machines.
Korzybski strings. The commentator mentioned he was "weirdly abstracting".
States abstracting themselves from states, but what of the heirs.

What state will breathe the heirs? What notion will be the lungs?
What ocean's blood will carry this raft of medusa?

Clark Coolidge mines state craft in order to pursue
a phantasmic light. Ron Silliman moves on to blight,
and argues its sequence to distribution. But for Zizek
there is no solution, though Sloterdijk displays his Platonic
sphere for all to survey, and even includes its cracking.

Postmodernism is an egg they say, which is a symbol, but the egg
is also one state of a sphere, a sphere under state of duress.

Enduring Ess,  durée, the hiss of actuality today, we are the spectators
to the crimes of presence.

And the rhyming lights are gifts, and the potlatch universal.
I bring a dead roach covered in gold leaf to display
to an empty car
in the subway.

Charles Dickens.
What do you think of this on-line merchant?

Huumorilla muttonchop gezspatcho gestapo?
Gothic Kwakiutl?

Inside a serene and spherical white room,
there is a black jaguar
and an ankh of jade, and the air
is brought in through curved invisible
louvres called

Their eyes burning with passion.

het dual fur maskers,
Mark Twain.
Smoke Cell Anneal.
Signor Cavallotti.

This state's fate is based on a duel.
In the style of Vienna.

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