Friday, September 7, 2012

Yīgè kělián de báisè rú chóng jùyǒu qiángdà de sīxiǎng

something for ed...



on still waters
a tree views
the memorial 
gourd retort

a page or leaf
settling into perfect echo
where two walls meet

the goldfish
seen from above
has the sun in its skull
every question
is divided by four

i stand by the window 
windows are the same
as tea

on the roof
lays a dragon's fang
used for a cup

standing on my head
the horizon is a face
and the world is cut
into sections

the joy of carrying (running)
a holy window like a joke
a window only needs
a simple stand like a mirror

this window is in
a remote area of the house
where only snakes are seen
snakes are attracted
to this gourd

dancing like a demon
the window retort
gazes inward

the window's journey
upon a regal barge

out comes the demon
and climbs a ladder
to the stars
out in the sea

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