Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ecocritical Theory: new European Approaches

It makes perfect sense that Deleuze and Guattari would have seen the bilding wave, and they did, however, they did not connect it up to bacterial omnisexuality, but to higher order speciation, and perhaps cultic mutation, but deterritorialization's own name is best illustrated by an example from the science of biosemiosis, Dorion Sagan, etc, in the figure of Endosymbiosis, and nuclear genesis by Viral Eukaryogenesis.. I've already identified D&G's version of syntaxis long ago with their figure of 'the schitzo's stroll'.. Deterritorializations are structural changes enacted by desiring machines within becoming animals. Using their jargon is wonderful, like reverting to old Biblical memes, which in themselves are also rife with biosemiotic themes, take for example the Tower of Babel. Connect the archer to cupid, the tower of babel to psyche, and you have a powerful mythic explication of the pharmakon. Well done Zion elders! :) Nothing's new.. http://www.rhizomes.net/issue15/protevi.html

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