Friday, September 21, 2012

Cynical, But not Against Charles B.

Taking a stand against 
obnoxious verse culture


lettuce and
tomato, then


bread man
loads of it
Dagwood reflexivity
and facebook

as giant amoeba cellphone nipple ring
but still chiming that olden tune

you've got mail

loads of it
like a junk in the hong kong sea
driven by the ministers that be
alright i guess whatever

it's just poetry
it's not my job
i just do it when i'm bored
which is most of the time

because well
there's no gratis zeppelins to tibet
for the likes of me
and like Kamandi
the world is comically at war

dogs and monkeys
warring over facial underwear
floppy bits
and whether murder


i think i've got a kung fu hangover
48 hours!

human culture is well
it's obnoxious at this point
i mean 
i like it okay
but really
who am i to say

and you really can't beat it when 
i claim it's the earth's earth afterall

i'm just renting
this mr. microphone szpwaermbot

Mrs. Mxyzptlk
arrives on her chrome horse-shoe crab
leading her army of giant sky-blue robotic zeppelin-shrimp
which carry a horrible birthday cake

made from all the forever lost
and splendid

planetary potential...

I just wanted an aquarium staircase
or maybe to visit a sky city called Atlantis modeled after Sogo
or maybe just a ham sandwich
with a tribe called quest

for fire.

"Is this criticism?"
(the damage was done long long ago, once upona time).

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