Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pyt's Palace in Parsonite

one of Neruda's seashells is speaking
from the purple epinasty within the amber's semi-ocular

the gausk grave-hole mortise its nare nourishing pend
the rood side sink streek trap

and said
Ahkenaten your baby hips' trap
your tumble unhappiness unleke unstopped waif
water-spring wicked
and Mercury busketh him
for canonizer
a carnous fishful frank groove the gum
non est inventus oaten

Nerudan blind persuase
proudness plasture a shell
scour seld wild
horses race smugly through waxy towers
that hold Ahkenaten's alien foetuses
Mick Jagger uberclones in Anubis head robotic exoskeletal armor

Neruda squeak
a sparker without surcease
Akhenaten's buttocks like rainbow seashells and nuclear fission
epinasty plural hybrid
there is wealth in fasting

technical ear bones are wed to comic splintering Horace in Nerudan seashell
smugly sorting sincanter  the testy tramontations trip and go
unmeasureable virile warp of mutant feminine hips
Neruda's fingertips smell of fish
after fondling wayward green sea phallus floatation stalks
the way typographers wrap the succory in wildy perpendicular

Oh extract these sursolids, mighty Nerudan eyeball held aloft by Akhenaton
overseeing the waxy foetus tanks
epinasty plural hybrid
As Neruda's eye houses Atestine humours
Euganean vibes that squeak through hips of seashell
Mick Jagger Anubis fitted out with cloned Nerudan eyeballs
speaking Villanovan to a crab-like guitara

pyt pyt putti flit
a sparker without surcease
arational biggity
amorphous massive potential
collophanite bottoms churn and burp
in the constellated Eridanus

Neruda galumphant
in the bobtail car of April fools
through the looking glass ankh
of Hercules' wool
a bulldog has an armor of seashells now
in Lewis street
Raven has friends in low places

the final gestapo is glucose
its optical orientation
through oblique consciousness standardized

Sugar Sugar
you are the jazzetry
of kakapos pecking pudding
where stone shelves
fade into books as mah jong
the morning star
so paludine
its glossy transparent defects

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