Saturday, October 10, 2015

thistle mother bong redefine no tangent pageant dye

the land A
cloaked craft to be plenty surfeits oft
And understood from to
the was at Content
was the Of
every wood green more moth than ice prism mask
creeping its tonal cliff vehicle
rule over all repeats
what the or: he cares
to things that kunst
devised by the of
and prevent is hated glamour
Thus to write-gall-ibis: the heart
lavender stone wart milk
The son who beheld him
mantis connecting buboes of silk sacrifice tongue
embrace of and from years
and joined grasp
the fragrant cocoon petals
blue black and white
where a language bird rust orchid knight
no mantel its gender cuffs the gumb ridge
early memory
striate these graphemic unto
parallel to vessel purity
of purring handle to warm the golden milk poison's mane
their collapsing tithe skull plaza
paper fang wasp prayer
preserved for staircase air fawn form
with globular door beast its corset penny bone
a groin drummer in muffled felt and gew gaw
their noses drying in the sun
where assault would rasp parry nut
and geb
generation ebb and bee thug
its bahou wade tongue toe fang mark
where the shagged bridge heart
caulk its mews
under wide black eaves dropping
dot the machine hund render taut
no basal skeleton haunt its tory oval
pearl of chastity which
clings to fragrant leaf
for stinking mouth
the soul blithe leather
and the ghoul a joy
addicted to art
a wild pedestal to fucking
gives birth to
and upon its own
hairlipped grandmother
that shipwreck
which whispers
new boots
to the kids of beards
and fairy crinkles
their yak throat furnace coke
the javanese cloth
no pimples now show
it to venus flytrap
of precious indelible
the cardinal
to leap down
150 body lengths
poise its poem
to gravity
and flex
the ape
my friend
the belt of flowers and a
dumb rest
of buckles come
woods or steepy
to wayward jest
thy love still sun Are like  to of
in drawn curtains

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