Saturday, October 10, 2015


starchasm means never having to say
you are sorry slippery týskum

peudo ranks its clues
and throughout the whole seething chromatic list
the sweetly leaning meaning lingers
touching tips with the master
until its romance skalds blue
the pomegranate agate loon
duty is inclined to shore up fine with
masses heaps stacks hills ricks tumulus
and still tuzzi's army toots much richly
for more imbroglio's only color

starchasm makes a lewd eros of people
but puts small cards between them
a hlur or a hweez'un emblum

so look favorably
protect and observe
the totem of the curve
remains orthogonal to the natural line
no such thing in sarcasm
a tud or toda will gold these cream-ferned gluttis
and will stand to derandomise
solids against pirosfera
combing long hairs of night
nacht ñaqch'a
the tanagers and allies lay lassescebant
deep inside the angular and striated quarry
and all will be periucundus
in the bahou sloop's exolesco

exu lexo
oxel uxe

this does not mean nothing

lo vedo

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