Saturday, October 10, 2015

grare cofe

good food
string tree
when heaven and earth intersect
the coy amorphous rhyton
and in ships to conjoin
the umloined
wigbeast verbv

leaf voca bullery
pax if fey faun glans
no lobbying inse
for rhyton dyed on the vein
its sugger grooming where mint

and mulled ings in ids ed

a west furred sepal
or smoke crowned caterpillar
rude its homunculi scroll
a waxen riverine round the nictitant pyxelwindowed horse face
stage golem cast as soap bubble babylon
win win
up up

a grode of endthing sections

a string tree kenning dipped red
and hung with plug bead at the dry ends

camphor blooming
where the cephalophort two
in unction
groped the weird ored oddwad

green and pillar soft
the upright horn cradle's
swilk brained contraption lure
young armor fondling next cliché' to form
and young armor musical
in cacophunny to puntheon

murther drom ed

faun kit relevant to what
and what relevant
to ocean transparent calculi horn

its spinneret beard rhyton
gong beaded fuelese
oblivion never fail
and all engulphed
in ombluviont
robin hood fern corpse shrine
on tautohyphenalogy weels

as munt
railed on dappled violet quartz
twisting lickerish
on the aarrth
as above id

this freak is governor
with its forty mile long blue wig
of underskinny

its kare coff

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