Saturday, October 10, 2015

feeding the dog some watermelon while a boat burns on the beach

camouflage kimono clock
wait here and in an hour
a little boy and his dog will embark
across an expanse of hat
tiles of smoke settle and must
tingle on its skin
the roof tells of the story of a dragon
drinking tea
but if you laugh
bleak galactic distances are confronted
by the frail and all-knowing machine
cardboard scat in catatonia's camellia
the mind is a dry capsule
subdivided up into five compartments
of nitrogen
each compartment containing up to eight
steeds (guinea stones)
knee-length in steep electric organ or
whaddyasaywea HEEEEN
lippidoon habba comic gamino
Heeen wanna dobo
I guess her mother must've fell through a hole in the bridge
and so she's been visiting the hole
but the river never stops running here
Higha, oh it's you
(what's this? an arrow?)
row after row of dragon blow holes
the blind mind fingers
camouflage keeps the hummingbirds in
and the gridded tope gambling blankets
are spread out under the stars
how is it then
that this shiny sleeping dog
touches this slippery silver perch
with its cold wet nose?
tea running though hovering origami palaces
tea running faster passing out the paper jet nozzle
tea entering hyperspace as kannon in blood
my pillow a whore
my jade donkey throne
a geode bone
open like a moan
skipping along
where you practice rubbing
the rubber bust
Cindy's cellophane shirt collar saying
singing in the sea foam
the vulgar men are laughing
as seagulls harness geometry overhead
black toroids everywhere
looking down
a snake tattoo
on a bald gambler's head
subject verse direct
orb effect

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