Saturday, October 10, 2015

loco iporchehne, vermillion phak fah su

loco coral myalgia tatarrafa
the low slung epicene glauco
epistoleery hillock yawn
painted desert keychain monocle
čistka lilies of the Nile
loco obe' dixme
crinoline incrinatura dernier cri
believe me
aside from rocketplanes
storven disputate compulation
there is
sister soterrareu kangaroo
joey ramone falserò surtraitera
not noxious but supple
as if permanently mounted teacups
on the divan's armrests
were used as handholds for climbing up this
logologically gogolic and gorgon asped
meaning hip shaped
the tips of friends touching inside a pouch
economics is joey manuloquia kissing
Phoeniculus ratatine intimaveratis
loco palmoteó sibilaritis
when can we speed again to embrace
ŝirato gnomes
peligrábamos in Ciceroniana
look tidy for historians who call you mama coma loma
in pict box church bird mouths
and who decide who comes to eat you for dinner
cestodes drift up from the wavy carpet cooing righelli
occumberemus unko uncles Himmelskunde
contrivisti where lad as ocean
is bodied by nymphis miniaturiseras
loco cerbatana pianzi
Narraka shining prettily
the green and fuzzy stones

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