Saturday, October 10, 2015

Babble Tittle Dot and Token

the science you know vitter

as hunkered adze

tinco parma calma
the pool carnal
terramare or elder university
languid near the river
a capital A Capital
the thinking of a cool mouth

quesse ando umbar
a questioning and inner hyphen
a quintessence of comtesse
a comatose comet's cotise
coquilequent amber emblem
a chaos of threece

anga ungwe thule
anger's unwilling tool
which geometry fords
to enter an innocence of abandon
the violence of a warm spring day
of napping babes placing puzzled distance sway

formen harma hwesta
what form does harm request
a loving vest
a thin and ample length of thimble
to riddle the notion of a test
some direction as a yarn

anto ampa anca
within anterior incan walls
alpacas loaded with gold
and spirit languor
a school of carving
a mummied niche or eye

unque numen malta
that whole arena filled
with bulls painted bright red
and no matadors to speak of
except balloon golem puppets
Gozo Ġgantija mind foam Jomon caca

noldo nwalme ore
no will done as walled in ore
but all ordinance nil
by will's ore balmed
there are no alms in walled age
there is no wilder balm its goal aglitter

vana anna wilya
ancient space craft
a glorious mud whose floothe toot
musicks the grass to wan a bird
who tusk all gold in the twine light
summons ifthen hirndrift and guestions

romen arda lambe
roaming ardent lambics
whose fairy breaths are
curly mutton chopped furnitures
glue red bulls from before
no reason for riddle loops

alda slime silme
zombi trucculence for error
or if error win no error error
what confines what what
what confines who who
what confines will ult

a seeress
an azure hymen
a sign daring water
a yantra luring halls to form
a short carrier
a long carrier

a quare tevie
whose pain is an ankle
a yawp articulated
in a logic of goons
eitt tungumál er aldrei nóg

the bad tongue
is an elder cup

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