Saturday, October 10, 2015


baby meal dates
give for bare these prune hercules dolls
how wild the hand's sensation
soft pulpo no name octopi dromedary glamour two hand
three hand
spots on a dolphin's wheel
the window becomes larger and larger
opposing corners arcing along an ache to subboine
gloine cam sequin snouth rudder
place your lame' tale down the dubbloon slurry and pince nest
he put his white suit dollop through a monocle door
in the smooth side of the garden air
a low flat turquoise crust crazing was waiting for him there
slung riffle nibbles remember how that shaved wan sloping innocence
accrued mandala mantic mandibles slippled out
how memory destroys a memory
this angry wife you calculate not pushed up high in dread
but like a critic using emotional scarab claws
decides you are not worthy to feel that gloating perfect no
say soft cub cube in the garden white cube cub club
the curved walls support fern shadows while the paths represent
indeterminacy but nothing of it is written its all hold tradition
lingers laughing, tracing
circular doors for hexagonal rooms
their cones opening for slats to lap the exception
exclamation mark now in its billioneth futh
the silver darling amorphous lapwing globullient
lightning horned from a spreading cacku of ink fins


simboli kufoma për vaj motorik
si kur kam hartuar alacrity e më tej

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