Saturday, October 10, 2015


a haiku of 3 no's lands sighing in the icky wee wits
of the omaha kabuki kangaroo's foaming manga
its landing is the hum of pandas
kangaroos whose dire sick gummi landings
pangolin the kangaroo's persona places

the fleeting ion's deliciousness superhumans easily
the toltec kangaroos from icky fresno ion manga gone kookoo
hating fresno ions singing the gita engaged in dyeing
cupid penguin nostrils with ion masala

wacked meringueings ion the masala languaging bandit rents
into landings of gender ecstasy
I coo for naan for samurai landings reinvent two Karens
whose ale apes landing unforeseen as an ion sentence go
messing with kamikaze magaritas which sit brawling

the gita is kibby in clammy ink kangaroo ion silk gita dew
O rasa which sings of gita queso hat and inns your mundane sack faculties
gita these fresno egoistic ion passion kangaroos gone wrong
in their gassy easy kangs

kangaroos ripped from their kangs by wasted tapas landings
gita the linguist's wrong ion travels
landings yen for adoration from dada adobe
which resounds as ganja resounds: naked queso
sings of superstitions
sings of bandits lowering their ass passengers
sings of landings singing a bad haiku which you murmur to
and ickily sing to: dice semen fills the plum cake!

this panjandrum's oral baking lung
utilizes medical sake' swaths
to manna the kang bed's oral baking engram pun cake
which confuses the rebus and the nevus in Juanita's ion gaiety

man hungers for ion kibbi dhosas singing:
haikus sigh icky wits to juntas whose wongs are karo drizzled kang beds in fresno
O kangaroo impala breath racing across the kang bed's swiftness
elect semen pure nose with your familiar ion tumescent index

O fecund sake' roe landing in immensity's jihad!
awake in your kang bed glimpsing release
shattering your sigh's karo night brain pangolin gaia goodyear
blanking all agar sane
agar is sane sake' gone wrong in kneeling kibbi kona ions
come panhandling handbags sulking to the tangy kang bed

dynamic kangaroo penguins cure the day casa's saran wrap resonating ion
surging music's twat to a kang bed footstep which migrations any lie
to a sunken sake' investment in kona

O wong ion's gita!
bang any lie's benevolent sake' mall
with broken oscularity!
there's an odor on ye!
an ion song's language is misfortune any year!
Sample the kennel of gita kibbi ion fresno which gitas kibbi
I know gita

It wayangs a wingy icky manga.
its tangy sake' kangaroo gives 'tumultuous pole' to men
who hang from nostrils casting achey sake' pandas
sake's which merit kangaroo marketing
make kooky rattan ion roe gitas numb

their sinus kangaroo beefsteak wongs
are ions of rueful pomegranates
ions are grim on the wrong bali
for ions are wanting their ohms back
for landings in pun cakes
which pass among the saliva mandrake inklings
to the kang beds which began
as awakened meringue
in a din of nacred anger

(loose homophonic translation of a javanese google translation of Rimbaud's _Genie_)

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