Saturday, October 10, 2015

green truth and emerald lie

glass is made like cheese
and in the pert erect nozzles of odalisque capitalism
the communist transparency like a divine
and oozing camembert de normandie
will flow like an illuminating gas
in the body of Étant donnés
itself a kosmonic jain echo
of the grotesque Denys
which when viewed inside its englobing
Aluminium oxynitride
takes on the message of 3D bioprinting
for what does Diogenes say
when his head is his lantern
and his his is a her
and her her is our ecosystem
and its ecosystem
is a semiosis
which can only be viewed
as a fetish
ie that the eye itself
is a spell of eros
and thus that the mind
may know no ground
but that of a grotesque
glass is made like cheese
its great stomach of sand
a molten poem of empty words
an exquisite corpse
or excellent corpuscle in which
all things follow
from the unique grace
of construction
and composition
the philosophical holography
will be geryonized
the sleeper will feast upon
the endless bread cacophony
of its own eyelids

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