Tuesday, October 13, 2015

oboe remembrance tusks for large non-mental coco

loco beard green oak venus
medical brace and stains mixed bridge
just restrain negative crane void hearing
melon loop blue sky think gland
bite crooked hole retort backbone

congealed pond
beam at the eaves greeting code
embroidered water subside
into demonstrating live choke
slow gnaw widow majority
intends white silt book

island park helmet disaster designed
with comfort tendons
and god spleen eaves tusks in residue
salamander ape chatter ice mustache?
wooden bat cargo boat flower frog child tear

grey ages oboe trickle carry along
burning poisonous heavy indistinct
silver tower sleeve stir app-musk kilometer chin
pediatric zygomatic beard cylinder coax away
foam bumper hanging clusters plating an elliptical mention
sum past blue cherry wash mosquito larva rhyme dusk

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