Saturday, October 10, 2015

golden sloth body heavy to the head

cause sediment to chum and separate by grain size
folly's white rear sans lollypop takes the parrot
in a final charge to the  line
in a final skull pulped star hedged by bacrionum
the offal dangling yugularan peltoherkkusieni
chuffing inqaradna
and woundy eksportując
the same windstolzes given over Hampi to
people orchids between the boulders
their thin flesh of pareidolia mites
woota zaomkoncha kootanini
sleep with crystal bugbear forks
repeated presentation of novel visual shapes
that were interpreted as meaningful led to decreased
pukałyśmy neaudzinošajām sorbibili
and yet foretold of radon curtain stairs
their soft amorphous fuzzfooted guitar snout cofferings
soft more simply ganglion herculed out of stone-like meats
to hug the coasts
ö'ji ö'ji lips edge center xulgada gross beam
the wood fern inherits blue color
from long electromagnetic discharges
which run to the tribal chin
and flourish the wig
and eludamos of badbudiadbibemur

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