Saturday, October 10, 2015


He who had brought me up, sold me to one Rhode in Rome.
Many years after this I recognized her, and I began to love her as a sister.
Some time after, I saw her bathe in the river Tiber; and I gave her my hand,
and drew her out of the river. The sight of her beauty made me think with myself,
"I should be a happy man if I could but get a wife as handsome and good as she is."

thick black wings prevent me
in deep and trackless deserts where floods have washed the lands clean
so too am I deep and trackless
and barren

riches pass through me
and wash all things away
my sister diana baths in dogs
thick black wings prevent me

a snake has a ruby gem
if it vomits it out
life will leave it
he gave all these people a boon
so that buffaloes and money
as much as they needed
will be taken from them

in the deep and trackless hesert hersert

choking on blue sand
sockets filled with blue sand
rectum hot with blue sand
penis vagina choked with blue sand
mouth absurdly gibbering chewing
with a froth of blue sand
and biting a hard gold tooth
fallen from a giant

hermes hermes
when I stab you over and over again
deep in the mountains
as diana bathes in your navel grove
when blue sand dogs pour from your wound
which I know as my sister
the woman who bought me
as a child slave in the city
in the deep and trackless dunes of managers
in the forests of fountains of urges

who has ever seen a deep cool forest of fountains
tiled with insect chips of azurite
who has ever seen trackless dunes of clones of hermes
all stabbed by my sister
who wishes to have sex with me
who was once her trackless


In Rome I sold typewriters to shepherds
gorged on the constant entertainments which the priests abhorred
because all priests must abhor something
but I abhor nothing and everything
abhor is not my sister who bought me as a child
in the trackless desert of riches
which washed away the riches and left riches
for the infinite and idiotic poor which wash through the lands of riches
and become poorer though there is no lower form than
"when I stab you over and over again" I am Hermes sister
who you have sex with covered in blue sand
and piles of dogs which have expired

polyphilo mazurd

the seed of hermes
has set itself against zeus
piles of blue sand

the shepherds smoke in the hills
from pipes made of clay
and they lay with their sisters
who are typewriters
who have sold them into slavery
in Rome
in order to buy ribbons
for their trackless deserts

deep in the blue desert
where piles of diana clones have ceased functioning
after having escaped from their baths
where they were forced to bathe
in tiny clones of Rimbaud
deep in the blue desert
Ezra Pound dressed in a dirty turban
came to me in my tub and barrel
where I was dressed as Diogenes
and he as Alexander
and I said to him
you are a little yeast to the sun
and then he said he wanted to make love with me
and it was then that I arose from my tub
to strike him
with the sandy body of a blue and petrified dog
for he was not alexander
but something else
a pile of managers or shepherds

if he had been a fresh placenta
I diogenes would have eaten him
and sexed him well
for the issuance of the loins of diana my sister
who bought me as a child slave in the markets of rome
is well desired
in the forest of fountains where the holy book of
"when I stab you over and over again" lives
in sin with a pile of Rimbaud clones
which have ceased functioning
and become


a tired old woman is bitterly licking envelopes
each envelope is full of blue sand
each blue sand grain
is a dog
which is made of shepherds
named Hermas
the disincluded

and utopia
is the disincluded
and thought
is the disincluded
and the occluded
and deluded
body of zeus
which has been stabbed
or caressed
verb nound hound noun brev

it is the age of Hermas
the collector
whose thick gold teeth
are wings

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