Saturday, October 10, 2015

dainted cullapse

tainted guffaws are to snuggle warmly
deep in the crepuscular ceramic eyesockets
of the ourobouri skull stadium
their intertwangling mohawks of thin elongated
index fingers appearing as a drifting runic text
on the smoke of obscure mountain gills
or a diatribe as gold as:

these slit foot hybrids have hidden their bodies in a smear
my smeared ears are lost in gears
these slit foot hybrids have cupped their puffy gills
around my knees and squeeze
who would replace a slitted perfume smoking gill foot
with a yammering of mossy mountain genitalia

o these blue sloops
which grass on dirty hate
their halos streaming guinea pigs
which look like gelatin octahedrons
illuminated caressingly
by the slit foot hybrids' toe tentacle
tantrum suppressing solooloolangle

so looloo langle
go abroud dit

wen abrading slurfaces comrinse
gload gload the flat scour
it flint knap lizard pelt
gushing boundaries

tainted guffaws
laugh as they slit open
the breast like eyes of their feet
who coo
who hybrid and clyme
and tease gunelle

and perhaps
a female herm of paste
will show its torch
I have no idea
how sticky birds
form a round bridge
and roll up your mouth
to a single

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