Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pfluplouche Sirenity

thelema fly's head rimbaud

rimbaud gorgon gate of modernism
rimbaud dada clown war
rimbaud tesla janus with third eye
crystalline anus hive opening luminous

word hoar and compost
auspicious red carious upside
good fortune precious
ice bull spurious

weird junk
elegant graceful flotsam
martin luthier pegasus

current 93:

purple window flowers grew
I could not shift the shadow
and when the may rain comes
the south side of the door looked
the seahorse rears to oblivion
earth covers earth
patripassian alone
to suffer all ranges

soft black stars
then kill caesar
imperium eye bell
imperium curvature

all the world makes a great blood
a soft voice whispers nothing
its passenger aleph

daggers the name
pathetic crust dancer

the lemma
wilting blue into ages

an agate of moulting cities
to form the armor
of the pearl-warted nude
bleating discord and union

sloth crowned in frenzy
sleuthing gefrenesis'

rainbow veined
the whole in whide gryphont fuel

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