Saturday, October 10, 2015


the men's wrists snort in the medical punishment light
their ghost liver gongs contingent upon the wind-drag
of lofty flower chisels

these light snorts
are plum fans moving essays
into Pandora's mourning ghost
as kitchen offerings together
they enjoy a liver bottle mouse

a kidney bladder will pull down a snow tower
for a late roundabout blue whose right hand mirror
suddenly owes a prostitute a series of squashed symbols
grabbing white air foam for pity's library

noise prices are bacteria steamed
in the hard ゙makeup of taboo searches
and brim with bream
the cooked meat used in sacrifice
to the packages of whooping filled
with slip levy warm pound foot plastic

these packages tend not the violent rolling oak
which adorn the protracted text of court dragonflies

the fringe is wiped
the hue-man chamber tent
reaches its trillionth limit scolded thrilled
its loquat Bustard nose punished by precipitous
cattle interjections seeking not noise on the side of the police
whose atmosphere ゙is carving shut
the black hurried hunting
whose acting gives subtle slap shoe style
clamp to the soft wall engraved
with the image of the man who carries
the Rocky Creek sheath tick off the end
of the Bedding

what rank is the mallard park konjac border
what fence pots dangle in anger
is the Long Yakult ma
a poor seedling in stony soil
what system can use scare away our party

owe your key ring
a gnawing of Rayon
Long received
by several skin prosperous treasure book holds
which profile the rock family favorites
with hazy hernia combs
and punch the catfish oyster
which includes its worry postage macro care nirvana

the canal holds wailing zero rock Suites
suddenly slipped into Kabuki rather late
wine in basketfuls
blames the saddle rust agent Phytophthora

rotting salamander children divination
stirs a tender porridge under jealous Catalpa oyster visions
in the mangrove cutting horse blankets
and bleeding between the hinder correct cricket threat
chewing drunkenness

the stupid release is delicious
and ice pregnant comb comes hunting my office
its only prize is swimming down to find
this sulfur anvil
new with swollen tao
the river eaten slightly back

before dawn
the eagle devil foot rubber
is wiping sleep
from the tent sword
to take away the old squares of a chessboard
to cover the superfluous flounder
and the dry shovel

humorous copper ties
and apples stretch
in warm custodial
object autumn fog

dry ghost Videos
coma tight Tiffany imitations
along wan shady paths
sung to exterminate
their month long fart times

Love's efficient catch said
blue cow cloud
is a collection of chicken tone frequencies
wafting of the battle pits
of the River Chu more fishy
from Britain

what pounds the hairpin
in the strange bottom
and moreover what
obscene residues
does language's swine building diameter

embroidery movies
feast on the stupid pond
and the heat team bloods every political
jaundiced bet which celebrate
the multiplication
while the noise brake becomes too lazy
to take root

a bone bald chap blind leap tea soft Teigen mouth mole unit
holds the door after the Royal Cape

irresolute crossbow mice
inspect the insect peak
in Techno drunkenness

emission purification seems only
to mimic lame bags of raccoon shot
wowing apple waxwing
the wan olfactory learning blown off the course of insanity
its bottom malaria
the old Austrian defense lines
reaching back to the first Pu
the Xi Brasenia rustic seam mining monkfish
no rocky hill under the Bo
the shaggy dog ​​duck hand wasp
an analogy
the warehouse burning solid lines of Xi
the intoxicating fumes configuring
the sacrifice of Tanka feces in Tajikistan

raise carp
to incur
the blind limp too docile
to be cool
fortunate gates and other
rocky hill Poleyster stables
in tin

melancholy Blue Jay Mao Mao Fu
dispatch stubborn insect dragonfly
draw out the honor
of this ridiculous key

magic indulge mullet sense snivel plug
Margaret bent you and said
the willowy frame you sea is a pendulum

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