Tuesday, December 22, 2015

it's almost crab hands month again

crab jan, they that idz and whats they idz
in cell jams
or in festoons of log jams log jam risings
or something stuck a halting
for cybernetic cake sarcophagus for instance
the soft lucid face cross-sectioned in layers
and in the meddle lair
crab jan all round
tea crumpets bridey and its pecker out
cabbage golem before the thup-lipped ewoks
shaking their ham fists at other ham fists
and the whole ham fist hamming it up
all thumbs as it were at the sons of Ham
rubbish in gold and clinging cataracts
tea tithing top hats carved in tufa
for battered trousseau
vitrine uprising
vitrine tragedy
vitrine evolution
vitrine solution
careless and wonky stain
begin again
and let your candied genders hie their grasshoppers
to flowing and curvilinear mounds
which no slaves unbound by prometheus goo tell
but replace its silly and boring lumber with crab jan
and put its IDZ or john thomas more utopia
if only utopia were HAM
green unbounded and bullwinged flowing
a great green leathery caterpillar which peter pan might ride
wearing a green leather thumb helmet
spurking green paint
from big fake green thumbs
flowing and undulating dumb
diaphanous castles weer fot for euglenous mew
chimera too
chimera too livid
too vivid with grue
all crab janned and janus panned
the world's faults must ever seem
its most natural destiny

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