Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bad Movie Tzar

titt mutt glaucoma coma coma
eagle head horse bit cob silver
dual cheek propeller dirt cookie seller
so crazy and thin and in love with the queen
of the horse throbbing neem canopies
which drift in the stream
knotted neem rootballs are slashed from their pillars
and lashed together with wavy wire
and float down the stream
o medusan raft of wooden hairball
o greedo pilots of rubber chicken nose
magic toe for greedo now michelangelo
michelangelo in titt mutt glaucoma gown
goes downtown goes downfrown
jabba the hutt titt mutt breast surgery top hat queen
cookie seller radar ovule medusa neem
tooth paste gravy hut
so crazy and thin and in love
with Peter the Great
Kuz'kina Mat' on Mecca
Kuz'kina Mat' on Al-Raqqah
big bear howard the donald trump bald
bald angry old man
bald angry old man
bald exploding bear
bald exploding genital
bald exploding genital guitar neem tree
spanish flamenco flea
please inspect subconscious
unconsciousness to find me
floating dream green foam thing
floating green foam book
in pale blue lavender foam soap universe
thin pages of bubble foam
tiny letters
of nictitating liquid ink metal robot genies
stickmen juggling massive boob pixels
which are hats and horned raccoon-leach parasite ornaments
decorating the throbbing caryatids of their
neem balloon hygroscopy bulletin bodies
the grag
grag und coma
coma deaf balloon specie coma alert
orange forehead wound
orange forehead wound odalisque unity physics
fly feces
kissing bug feces
malarial and ancient jungle
still dying
more crazy
more insane by the day
peter with no ariadne
peter whose head is covered in throbbing intestine forest fortress
which houses
the pale lavender foam heaven
heaven is strange
Kuz'kina Mat' KHATHOOM!
it is the time of the end of Peter Sellers
and the beginning
of the Planet of the Apes
part one
the prequel

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