Monday, December 21, 2015

Stop Making Sans

Cagey Hamlet
or why 'doh' succeeded so brilliantly
before the Nunnery Scene (if it realizes)
(if we) shift our attention as did Don Juan
when the first parallel between Ophelia
(or the inverse as perverse) (or rotated view)
and Kilroy get noticed
you get it then, with the high literary-dramatic
trope of ground as wall
or rather that all transparencies flow to the sea
the fact that bodies have no name
and heads make meanings only fit
for bodies
and the hermetic body
seems more about the unity
of typification
and that its peonies that drift signalling
the attack
Samurai being more and more distant
and paradoxical seem to debate Sasang (eclipse)
more directly
as if saying "To be, or not to be"
were a case of confiding that indeed
people with both large lungs and large livers
do exist
if not specifically

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