Thursday, December 3, 2015

poem for zizek

absoluter Gegenstoss is
satanic necrophilic incest
in tumblr japanese
or absolution's gorgon toss
as played on a lute
in viennese or
see the ball be the ball

Cela ne veut pas une pierre
celan parfume
is in the air
o madness of discourse
oh gamboling tongues of dirt

weird antelope
weird antelope
your cross and elaborate sock hat
whips wild tangents
in the green cream
of clover

a brass thing
like a chess mule
by hans arp
is laid in the clover

and tiny owls
replace the thumbs

all dialectics
all dialectics can see

is Ian Fleming smoking
and feeding peacocks
by the sea

where a hulking iron starfish
sits vertically submerged in the sand
promoting ideas
of hyper(hypo)-prosceniums

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