Monday, December 28, 2015

radical flame cake indunture

milking fathronimbus claw
for wilted wit wot toe herm tower
our glagolithop foetus tattoo awl
frod hands unable dog
webbbed jowl prehense

clowning in these bright noodles
the willful collaptic test chest text no more ore
rainbone sonnet perl plex
and theest
fits of jowry as beest
and jewelry as clod

low clod
thou spee kest nest hulls
furred toolness
nagenk climey
or butter thold thu gleed

mouth that it sets off zipper bomb
or the top of the head augur
boot them bothem
or raku cune nu noon glue poleer

leer marks they mirror
lure murks
low marks
used to it
high marks
died for it

all floot

meso gloss


version w/ images:

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