Saturday, January 13, 2018

in Western Locris

could it be that they were nameless
the procurements of a harsh ode
laid to steed, nurse, or dog-cart by the aianteioi
1000 years ago (in remote then) or still some newer
punishment of twins

their shaved heads
showed 9 red spots
and their brooms worked
conspicuously around the shrine
its outer shell
and their lesson on the long lesson
was also long
for these sweepers
were deeply wrinkled

their long gray garments
were simple and direct
brain-like under language's
for water

but what nursery
this endless vengeance

the colossus
returns to the trail
of these small maidens


in a strange swamp
there is an ornament
whose spike peers
at the surface of the monster
then goes on underneath
for no reason
to become in some stead

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