Saturday, January 13, 2018

spiral frog tongue

in frog tears sun
a mass façon
a g-like building
for the platelets of plasma
and the round house will peer
toward that letter
and leave its candles
by the zigzag trail
and frogs go everywhere
in their capes of bees
and in their walnut helmets
stained with berries
and the thumb will be the upright one
the totem of the smiling face
in the weeping meadow
and the naked oyster
will float over the valley
and g in the sunshine
for a mass façon
and the wicks will gold
like glasses
for their long stringy frog beards
to discuss it (flamously)
and trails go everywhere
under the hovering oyster
whose frail zigzagging weeping
will peer
through the old glass holes
of our thumbs

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