Thursday, January 11, 2018

violent wastes of grey table (plausa du wort)

schtiral schticklaws
what entice any news
of the cretans before
their bull aurum goblememblet
seepnow what species' cameo
to the mendicarremour

here is the cable i received
your revived utteraunces are without bround
came heshe in bumper crop the camera
but lut let little go for the tiny blue
parasol that shines orbth on the comet space
it is a tickler from the core horn
in the center of the mind sphere home
slizam slizam o pygmalo-holo-pantagruelion

all these creatures bound forth
with leg parts
you are a land animal
drunk on odious marks
which have infected the soft insides
of your skull
of which the most radical essence is

the doughnut
for bald dookie
for its most eloquent inking thus
revolves around its
secret trust and non-linear grinding
of the vinculo
in the grampear

forever the rug segments

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