Saturday, January 13, 2018

with a purple club and one orange tusk the sunshine ogre reveals its blue skin chest

brass spittoon hat
takes up tongue cape
and enters the orange horizon
whose green shoulders falter
to enter the sea of coal
where the drifting moose-head cabin boat
drifts the top
of its skull hulk bull roaring
gadfly finger date summflummony
exploding in sunshine and lilacs
and a lilac path which cuts
through the piles of sunshine flakes
which have gathered
in drifts
crystalline foam apartments
gushing larval periwrinkles

the drifts will always part to reveal
the mottled pink skin ingot
shaped like a plough
that enters of the
revolution of the
piers so that each tiny purple
mottle would be
the image of a falling person
a person falling from an angle
from which the red horned sun
watched with a blank yellow
and featureless
orb like face drifting in
radiant pale lavender scoops of flint

wittle wittle stone
sun head sphinx robot
with wasp thorax
giving purple mottles
as a people
back to the green mushroom tree
as a squirt

there is a green arm
which floats
in a contour of sky blue powder

there is a green lizard pony
with a shaggy moose head
for a saddle
which rests its chin
on a massive bale
of blue hair

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