Saturday, January 13, 2018

random tales from the constantly morphing semiotic wallpaper

devidivida hoo
ha toad lett
ho tad lot ore
devi divi nor

mangu qua avocado
avocado blue flesh face
flesh face floating
in a halo of balloon
devi roon ma mango noon balloon
devi divi dew
hodad lot carny mu
steel ball toad mouth flu

flesh face
flesh face
rummaging in the hair hair
heir air
steel ball hitch cheek handles

rotor monopole acceleration tour
debone the flipper mandible
in hair tuning fork scalpel opera
balloon in a wig chair
balloon in a steel toad mouth
hodad lot carny with balloon flesh face
chewing blue avocado dogs
chewing blue hotdogs
of mangled avocado suns
for bright mango skins
in toad mouth tuning fork tongue's
devi divi sum

muse if id consume the ego
muse if ego consume the id

migo did
miti hito squid
gigo vibro erasmus eraser squid
in wig chair with hybrid hair lid
flesh face

total complutation
of chummy rum bucket
upschlucket semicunnings

what radiant tessellates this stomach's skin
is composed in

belching line fabrics collude to the hair borne
gloss in devi divi steads
fork scalpel opera sleds slide the sliced flesh face
bare tuning

slick sun mandible
of balloon cheese number threads
rotor monopole ascending
in armored leather foreskin bank
its robot doctor
mustache octopi grid
soft floppy scissors
slip through the skin whirlpool
and are free
to snip nothing

in hodad toe dad growth
toad balloon carny robots
hide inside flesh faces

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